Olympus Technologies partners with Wenglor for sensors, cameras and laser profilers, used as required to deliver bespoke automation solutions for customers.
We have an excellent relationship with the team, and work hand in hand to identify the most suitable equipment for each project.
Wenglor develop intelligent sensor technologies, safety and 2D/3D image processing systems with state-of-the-art communication standards that already meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.
Their range includes more than 6,300 available products with which we can detect, inspect and measure objects and communicate and evaluate the collected data via suitable interfaces. Intelligent Wenglor sensors are not only capable of learning, but are even capable of thinking and acting autonomously.

The high-performance smart camera B60 carries out a wide range of industrial image processing tasks. The highly modular hardware platforms in combination with powerful machine vision software offer the computing power of a vision system in the housing of a smart camera.


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2D/3D profile sensors from the weCat3D series use the principle of laser triangulation to create 2D height profiles and 3D point clouds. The MLZL model enables use in rough welding applications.


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Contactless Detection of Objects

Photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances and detect colours, gloss or luminescence using light. The additional connection of special fibre-optic cables permits their use in extreme conditions such as cold, heat or limited space.


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Wenglor Product Range Enquiry

For more information regarding Wenglor's product range please get in contact with the team.
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