Cobot Dispensing Solution

Olympus Technologies has 10 years’ experience of delivering dispensing, gluing, sealing, spraying and painting applications for our customers
Whether the dispensing tool is moved around a fixed part, or the part is manipulated under a fixed dispensing tool, Olympus has the experience.

Olympus has delivered dispensing solutions in the plastics, electronics, construction and defence sectors, and hence our knowledge can be translated to your process in your company.  

We know that customers’ drivers for automating a dispensing process are as much about improving quality and reducing wastage, as it is about releasing a valuable member of staff from a repetitive task. Past Olympus projects have resulted in benefits as significant as an 85% reduction in wasted release agent, as well as improved line uptime as a result of it requiring less cleaning. Whilst not all projects have the same opportunity for cost savings, we will help you quantify your potential benefits.

Olympus Technologies Dispensing Solution Benefits

Consistently accurate dispensing; improved quality.
Reduces wastage of dispensed material, as well as written off parts.
Reduces product clean up time.
Reduces production line maintenance downtime.
Physically separates the operator from potentially harmful fluid.

Full Support by Olympus in the UK

We have customers all over the UK and Ireland, and we are more than happy to visit customers’ sites to support you adding new product variants, training new staff, or diagnosing programming faults.

The Olympus team supports all our solutions from our base in West Yorkshire.
With a team of 15 engineers and technicians, someone is always available to help you over the phone, and by only using high quality equipment and components, 95% of our support is provided this way.
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Cobot Dispensing Solution Enquiry

Speak to one of our expert team about your dispensing solution requirements.
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Email: [email protected]

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Olympus Technologies is proud to work with partners across the UK & Europe, making the best solutions available to our customers. This includes being the UK and Ireland distributor for Dinse Welding Systems.
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