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Olympus Technologies is one of Universal Robots’ oldest partners in the UK. Olympus are proud to be UR’s 1st Certified Systems Integrator and only Certified Developer within the UK.
We are recognised for the quality of our standard and bespoke solutions, as well as the software plug-ins (URCaps) we write to make the job of programming the robot as easy as possible for our customers.
Our standard robot solutions - welding, laser welding, palletising, press brake tending, machine tending & laser marking - all use the Universal Robot at their heart, due to its ease of programming, speed of implementation, and its ability to be redeployed to automate other processes when sat idle.
  • Ultra-lightweight, compact cobot

  • The UR3e is the smallest industrial collaborative robot arm in our portfolio. Benefit from its compact form when automating processes in tight workspaces, such as on bench-tops or within production machinery.


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  • Lightweight, versatile cobot

  • The UR5e is the larger of our two light payload industrial collaborative robots. For applications that require a small-sized cobot with sufficient reach and payload, the UR5e will help you perform precise, meticulous tasks.


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  • Medium-sized, versatile cobot
  • The UR10e is our medium duty industrial collaborative robot that combines both long reach and high payload. This cobot will seamlessly integrate into a wide range of applications and delivers endless automation possibilities.


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  • Heavy-duty, compact cobot

  • The UR16e is our smaller heavy-duty industrial collaborative robot. When space is limited but you need to handle large and heavy workpieces or objects, the UR16e is the perfect choice.


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  • Fastest, heavy payload cobot

  • The UR20 is our top-end model with the longest reach and heaviest payload capabilities. Thanks to its incredibly small footprint, this industrial collaborative robot enables you to automate more applications where heavy objects need to be lifted over a longer distance.


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  • Heavy payload, compact cobot

  • The UR30 can lift heavy payloads while maintaining a compact footprint in a collaborative setting. With a 30 kg lifting capacity and a 1300 mm reach this robot can tend larger machines, palletize heavy products, and effectively support high torque screw driving.


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Universal Robots Enquiry

For more information regarding Universal Robots range of collaborative robots or to arrange a demo please get in contact with the team.
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