Olympus Technologies has partnered with KUKA Robotics for many years. The partnership gives us access to its range of industrial and collaborative robots, tracks and manipulators to enable us to build a turnkey solution for our customers using equipment that has been designed to work together.
Industrial Robots
KUKA offers a comprehensive range of industrial robots, catering to diverse applications with precision, flexibility and efficiency.
Payload range: 6kg - 1300kg
Maximum reach: 3904mm
Suitable for these applications:
- Handling
- Palletising/Packaging
- Machine Loading/Unloading
- Mechanical machining & polishing
- Assembly
- Cutting/Separation
- Applying / Painting / Glueing
- Laser welding & cutting
- Spot welding
- Measuring / Inspection
Collaborative robots - LBR iisy Cobot
Highly versatile, intuitive to operate and reliable in contact with humans - the LBR iisy is a cobot for all production areas. It combines the know-how of industrial automation with the flexibility and simplicity of an intelligent tool, paired with the speed of a traditional industrial robot.
The collaborative robot is impressive not only with its low weight, its incomparably high speed, the compact design and the integrated sensors, but above all because of its straightforward commissioning, which makes the LBR iisy a flexible assistant in the production environment.
Payload range: 3 - 15kg
Maximum reach: 760mm - 1300mm
Suitable for these applications:
- Handling
- Palletising/Packaging
- Pack & Place
- Assembly
- Measuring/Inspection
- Machine Loading/Unloading

KUKA Product Range Enquiry

For more information regarding KUKA’s range of industrial and collaborative robots please get in contact with the team.
── Speak to usPhone: 01484 514513
Email: [email protected]
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