Olympus Technologies works with a number of vision partners who support us with the locating, inspecting and classification of parts.
Use of robot vision system can greatly increase the flexibility and functionality of a robot solution. Where a mechanical solution is not available for part positioning, vision can make impossible projects possible again, and whilst there a number of factors that require much tighter control, the power of robot vision cannot be underestimated.

Vision can also be used in part inspection, performing the following tasks:

  • Detection of defects in surfaces 
  • Calculating lengths
  • Classifying objects using AI driven detection
  • Tracking lines to guide robot positioning 
  • Scanning data codes and identifying text

The possibilities that robot vision provide are incredibly expansive.

We integrate vision across both our standard product solutions, and on many of our bespoke projects. Please talk to us if you feel that vision could benefit one of your current or future automation projects.
  • The high-performance smart camera B60 carries out a wide range of industrial image processing tasks. The highly modular hardware platforms in combination with powerful machine vision software offer the computing power of a vision system in the housing of a smart camera.
  • An eye on everything - the expert for robotics applications with simple connection to robotics systems of leading manufacturers. Available in a range of resolutions, lenses, software and lighting options.

Our Partners

SensoPart is a trusted partner of Olympus, offering our customers high quality sensors and vision products at competitive prices.
SensoPart is one of the leading manufacturers of photoelectric sensors and image processing for factory automation. Offering a range of Vision sensors, best used in AI enhanced identification, part location and object inspection.
Olympus Technologies partners with Wenglor for sensors, cameras and laser profilers, used as required to deliver bespoke automation solutions for customers.
The Wenglor B60 vision system offers a wide array of image manipulation tools to extract optimal information from an image to aid in part location and object inspection.

Vision System Enquiry

For more information regarding vision please get in contact with the team.
── Speak to usPhone: 01484 514513
Email: [email protected]
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