Welding Covers

In partnership with THS Industrial Textiles, Olympus Technologies has designed and manufactured protective covers for the UR10e, perfect for withstanding welding sparks and splatter.
This grey UR10e cover protects the Universal Robot from sparks during a welding process. It consists of 10 pieces, a base cover, an elbow cover, lower arm, upper arm, shoulder cover, wrist cover, head cover and three ring covers. 
The covers interlock using rings at the joints of the main arms, and PTFE strips at the base, shoulder and head reduce friction for smoother movements. The cover has a zip fastening, with hook and loop covers for the zip head.
The silicone coating of the cover withstands welding sparks and spatter to around 250°C continuously, though would be able to withstand higher than this for short or 'flash' periods, such as the cooling time of small sparks.

The coating will not burn or support a flame and the glass substrate is incombustible. The base fabric, which the silicone rubber coating is applied to, also offers a continuous temperature resistance of 550°C. This fabric is also tested and certified to EN 13501, confirming it has a high fire rating, very low smoke release and no droplets.

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