Welding with EWM means: State-of-the-art welding technology, optimal usability and first-class results.
EWM welding machines offer a technological advantage in all welding procedures. This is characterised by a high level of efficiency, conservation of resources, and sustainability when welding.
Regardless of the welding process – whether you're looking for MIG/MAG electrodes, plasma, or TIG welding machines - EWM's range of high-quality, user-friendly welding technology products leaves nothing to be desired.

EWM Phoenix XQ Puls welding machine impulse with a separate wire feeder is the perfect partner for professionals. Perfect MIG/MAG weld seams even with long welding cables, this multiprocess MIG/MAG pulse welding machine includes all characteristics and welding processes - decompact, & demodular.
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EWM Pheonix XQ Puls

One-button synergic control
Non-synergic operation for manual setting of the welding parameters
flexFit housing system; Many accessories and options can be attached to the welding machine
Adjustable start and end crater functions.
Non-Synergic operation for manual setting of welding parameters
IP23 spray water protected
High 1500 W cooling capacity, high-performance centrifugal pump and 8-litre coolant tank make for excellent torch cooling, resulting in cost savings on consumables

EWM Pheonix XQ Puls Enquiry

For more information regarding EWM's range of products or the EWM Pheonix XQ Puls please get in contact with the team.
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