Fume Extraction

ENGMAR has expertise in welding fume extraction and treatment since 1993. Acknowledged as a modern-day leader in its sector, ENGMAR has developed an end-to-end business offer that ensures compliance with source extraction of welding fumes.

ENGMAR COBOFLOW extraction torch

The extraction torch and it’s cobot holder are designed to extract welding fumes as close as possible to the point of emission.
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Allows to weld up to 400A while protecting the operators by extracting welding fumes at the source.
Up to 98% extraction at the source
Ergonomic cobot holder with excellent handling
Rapidity and simplicity of the torch assembly; the cobot holder is equipped with a button for freedrive
The 45° angle of the extraction torch and holder set allows an excellent accessibility to the workpiece
Meets the EN 60974-7 and EN 21904-1 standards

ENGMAR ATMOFLOW high vacuum unit

The ATMOFLOW high vacuum unit is the most powerful and efficient device on the market. It has been specially designed to filter even the finest harmful particles to guarantee optimum protection for welders, while promising performance, mobility, and intelligence.
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The ATMOFLOW extraction unit offers reliability and performance in the protection of welders, while guaranteeing their productivity
Complete solution for connecting different types of fume extraction and workplace cleaning equipment
Its ultra powerful extraction filters up to 99.999% of the extracted particles
Intuitive an ergonomic interface
Meets the EN 21904-1, EN 21904-1 and EN 60974-7 standards


For more information regarding the ENGMAR COBOFLOW extraction torch & ATMOFLOW high vacuum unit please get in contact with the team.
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