Case Packing & Co-Pack Automation

As part of automating your end of line, Olympus Technologies offers a standard case packing solution, taking your loose products, collating them and then placing them in their outer cases.
The conveyor delivering erected cases is brought alongside your production line, and a cobot is placed alongside the lines to transfer your products. The footprint required is usually similar to that of the human who currently performs the process.

We often collate your products on their line to optimise the cycle time of the case packing robot.

Olympus is able to take responsibility for automating your whole end of line, deploying our own case packing and palletising solutions, alongside partner solutions for case erection, case sealing and conveyoring.

Olympus Technologies Case Packing Solution Benefits

Bespoke end-effector designed to accommodate as many of your products as possible.
Capable of handling up to 27kg of product per pick/place.
Standard robot programs developed which can be amended by yourselves when new products come along.
Fully UKCA marked solution.

Full Support by Olympus in the UK

We have customers all over the UK and Ireland, and we are more than happy to visit customers’ sites to support you adding new product variants, training new staff, or diagnosing programming faults.

The Olympus team supports all our solutions from our base in West Yorkshire.
With a team of 15 engineers and technicians, someone is always available to help you over the phone, and by only using high quality equipment and components, 95% of our support is provided this way.
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Case Packing & Co-Pack Solution Enquiry

Speak to one of our expert team about your case packing & co-packing solution requirements.
── Speak to usPhone: 01484 514513
Email: [email protected]

Our Partners &

Olympus Technologies is proud to work with partners across the UK & Europe, making the best solutions available to our customers. This includes being the UK and Ireland distributor for Dinse Welding Systems.
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