Cobot Welding System

Olympus Technologies offers the market leading cobot welding solution in the UK and Ireland. It is the cost-effective solution to delivering robotic welding within your business, and offers you significant productivity increases.
With additional software provided to make the job of programming your welds as easy as it can be, it is quick and easy to use, and just as easy to amend programs and add new parts.
Olympus only uses high spec equipment in our solutions, with the Dinse robot torch offering 100% duty cycle, ensuring that it can continue to deliver quality welds, part after part.

The solution is fully developed in-house at Olympus, so your support is fully provided by us, without the need for offshore partners. Your equipment warranties are UK based.
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The Olympus UR welding system includes
  • Universal Robot UR10 e-Series robot (can be upgraded to a larger reach UR20 robot)
  • Water-cooled welding power source
  • Dinse robotic torch, end of arm bracket, hose package
  • Tool balance to control the hose package
  • Olympus welding and weaving software plug-in
  • Process control box, to safely control the system from outside the welding cell
  • Robot stand
The welding table is not included as standard, as many customers have their own tables already, but we can add this in when required. Other options are available.
The Journey
  • We will review the parts that you are looking to weld, to ensure that they are suitable for a robot welding solution.
  • You can send us a number of parts which Olympus will weld up for you. You are welcome to come and see the solution and your parts being welded.
  • Once you have made the decision to invest, the lead time is short. We typically install within 4-8 weeks, with your training taking place at Olympus the week before you get your system delivered.
  • Installation is typically 4-5 hours, and we stay onsite to help you program up your first parts.

Features of the Olympus software include

Torch button programming
Teach welding paths directly from the end of the robot arm, speeding up programming in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.
Often required to join materials of different thicknesses, or to overcome gaps of varying widths
Touch sensing
Teach the robot to compensate for slight differences in part position using the force torque capabilities of the UR
Offset welding routines
Easily duplicate and offset taught welding paths to create batch weld programmes.
Save on programming time by easily configuring multiple passes along a taught welding path

Weld Gallery

We currently have software integrations to machines from the following power source manufacturers:
Our standard cobot welding system can be extended using a linear track to enable the robot to reach larger parts. We can also offer a 2-station turntable or a head and tailstock manipulator, both of which enable parts to be safely loaded and unloaded whilst the robot is welding the other station.

Olympus Technologies Cobot Welding System Benefits

Expert UK Support - the Olympus team supports all elements of your solution (robot, power source, torch package, integration, software).
UK Backed Warranty - Olympus sources its URs from the UK, hence can offer full warranty support from the UK.
Affordability - Great value for smaller businesses seeking to invest in robot welding.
Simple Installation - Fits into existing manual welding booths.
Easy Programming - Simple programming interface - quick and smooth transition into production. End of Arm Teaching Buttons - Enables you to drag robot into correct place, and store position.
Offered with a range of manufacturers power sources.
Power Source Controlled from Teach Pendant - All welding parameters are controlled from the robot. Operators cannot change welding parameters set by skilled welder.
Compelling Cost Benefit Case - Customers typically see 4x productivity increases. Used effectively, Arc-On time typically increases from 17% to 75%.
Consistent Quality - Every part is welded to the same quality, providing source parts are consistent.
Spatter Free - Avoids parts requiring fettling. Achieved through consistent use of torch angles and pulse welding characteristics.
Your Solution to Welder Recruitment - Existing trained welders are released onto more complex tasks - the job of running the robot’s production can be handled by an operator.
Fully Upgradable: Olympus can install and then retrofit additional parts to an existing system to suit a customer’s evolving requirements.

Cobot Welding System

Full Support by Olympus in the UK

We have customers all over the UK and Ireland, and we are more than happy to visit customers’ sites to support you adding new product variants, training new staff, or diagnosing programming faults.

The Olympus team supports all our solutions from our base in West Yorkshire.
With a team of 15 engineers and technicians, someone is always available to help you over the phone, and by only using high quality equipment and components, 95% of our support is provided this way.
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Cobot Welding System Enquiry

Speak to one of our expert team about your Cobot Welding requirements.
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Email: [email protected]

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Olympus Technologies is proud to work with partners across the UK & Europe, making the best solutions available to our customers. This includes being the UK and Ireland distributor for Dinse Welding Systems.
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