Machine Tending Solution

Olympus Technologies offers a full range of machine tending solutions at different price points, depending on your requirements.
A cheaper standard solution can often be offered when you have a digital interface on your machine, offering the robot full control of the loading and unloading of the chuck, and control of the door. 
Where we need to work with older machines, or where you have additional requirements to manage the infeed/outfeed, removal of swarf, post-inspection of parts, or hand-offs to another machine, then we can offer a more bespoke solution.
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We use a range of off the shelf grippers to pick up your parts. Where space allows inside the machine, we recommend using a dual gripper to exchange the finished part with the next part whilst the robot is inside the machine. Olympus designs bespoke grippers where an off the shelf solution doesn’t exist.  

With our extensive experience, we are able to create a single machine tending program that accommodates a range of parts (parameter-based programming). The parameters can either be passed from an HMI, or entered as you start a batch of products. This removes the need to write a new program for every product you wish to automate.

Olympus Technologies Machine Tending Solution Benefits

Increased throughput - having batches of parts being machined across breaks can result in up to 27% more parts produced per shift.
Opportunities for lights out working.
Frees up staff from repetitive work - one member of staff can oversee a number of machines being tended by robots.
More parts within tolerance - the machine door is opened for exactly the same length of time when changing parts, resulting in the machine temperature remaining consistent across a batch of parts.
Cobot solutions available for parts up to 27kg, industrial robot solutions for heavier parts.

Full Support by Olympus in the UK

We have customers all over the UK and Ireland, and we are more than happy to visit customers’ sites to support you adding new product variants, training new staff, or diagnosing programming faults.

The Olympus team supports all our solutions from our base in West Yorkshire.
With a team of 15 engineers and technicians, someone is always available to help you over the phone, and by only using high quality equipment and components, 95% of our support is provided this way.
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Machine Tending Solution Enquiry

Speak to one of our expert team about your Machine Tending requirements.
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