Vention is a browser-based automation platform that allows you to design your equipment in minutes. Drag and drop parts into your design, and see the price and assembly time in real-time.
Go from design to deployment faster and more efficiently with 1000+ modular parts. Designed by engineers to seamlessly snap in place, Vention takes you from browser to factory floor in days.
Olympus Technologies can deliver, assemble and provide training on your Vention Framework, Universal Robot & Tooling.
Vention is a browser-based automation platform that allows you to design your equipment in minutes. Drag and drop parts into your design, and see the price and assembly time in real-time.

Vention's Conveying solutions are a modular approach to provide maximum simplicity and versatility. Customize and combine roller or belt conveyor modules, a MachineMotion controller, and motors into one easy to use system. Program your conveyor sequence with MachineLogic and deploy with MachineCloud in minutes.


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Vention’s Box Erecting solution helps remove additional labour demands from end-of-line production with the same ease of use as your cobot palletizer. Combining speed and simplicity, box erecting can be tailored to match your exact production needs. Featuring extra-large magazines, Vention's solution allows you to form enough boxes for 2 pallets without refilling.

Box Erecting

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Vention's Jigs & Fixtures are fully configurable to your manufacturing or quality inspection needs. Design your jig online with an exhaustive library of components and get it delivered the next day. All components are modular with tooling plates, adjustable datum locators, and clamps.

Jigs & Fixtures

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Vention’s Pick & Place solution allows you to introduce automation to your production line quickly and easily. Using our modular parts library, design a robot pick & place cell to meet your unique specifications. After you have a design, you can then program it directly from your web browser using our intuitive, code-free programming environment.

Pick & Place

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Vention's Robot 7th Axis uses a robot transfer unit or gantry system as robot actuator (robot range extender), and is plug & play and pinch-point-free. With more actuator types and lengths to choose from, the 7th axis is the most versatile and powerful robot actuator line on the market. Each 7th axis configuration is robot-agnostic, making it fully compatible with Universal Robots.

Robot 7th Axis

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Vention's Safety Enclosures are modular and an entirely configurable addition to your manufacturing floor. Enclosures can be designed in a fenced perimeter, light curtain perimeter, or hybrid enclosure, leveraging an exhaustive part library of structural components and safety devices to choose from.

Safety Enclosures

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Vention’s Machine Tending solutions remove manual and repetitive tasks from your CNC operations by automating the loading and unloading process of your CNC. We offer various options from a complete or self-deployed solution, to hardware and automation kits. Compatible with a range of accessories, our solutions can provide up to a full day of machine autonomy without interruptions.

Machine Tending

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Vention's wide offering of shelving units and racks gives you the opportunity to get the right storage solution for your needs. Our modular T-slot extrusion design gives you full control over the size and configuration of your storage, with shelving that supports up to 750 lbs. Equip your storage with accessories such as slides, handles, panels, and more, for a truly customized solution.

Shelving & Racks

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