Fronius is a full-service provider, system manufacturer and single-source supplier of welding systems for all sectors.
Their technologies are designed for all types and manufacturers of robots. High wire speeds and deposition rates meet all requirements for productivity and precision.
TPS/I is the most advanced welding system which is made to meet the highest standards. The intelligent system is suitable for manual and automated use. Modular design and adaptability ensure extensive communication features to improve efficiency. Works with unalloyed, low or high-alloy steels and aluminium.
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Fronius TPS/i

Compact and portable modular design - weighing below 33kg
Powerful and multifunctional ideal for workshops or on-site construction
One welding system for all applications
Long service life, international service network and quick support available
Fully customisable and easily add additional tools to your toolbox

Fronius TPS/i Enquiry

For more information regarding Fronius' range of products or the Fronius TPS/i please get in contact with the team.
── Speak to usPhone: 01484 514513
Email: [email protected]
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