DINSE Manual Welding

Quality that ignites. How does manual MIG-MAG welding succeed with maximum productivity? We have the answer: The powerful DINSE welding systems.
The powerful DINSE welding systems enable comfortable precision work at up to 550 amperes.
Whether liquid- or gas-cooled: Thanks to high duty cycles and reliable component accessibility, the systems prove themselves even in the most complex working environments.

The ergonomic handles of our welding systems are suitable for a wide range of applications and are particularly heat-resistant due to their excellent insulation.
The ball joints relieve strain when moving in different directions and in holding positions - ideal for longer work operations. The supply line and hose material prove to be particularly flexible. You also benefit from kink protection integrated as standard. Discover how efficient manual welding can be.

Ergonomically designed, free of interfering edges: With its innovative handle, the latest generation of DINSE hand torches enables maximum welding comfort. The inner workings of the DINSE PlusLine consist of the proven torch technology of the 330 and 304 series.

PlusLine Torches

Designed for high thermal loads: Our enduring flagship impresses with its optimum cooling, separate shielding gas routing and high-quality gas cover.

BLACKline DIX 304

Extract the fume one-handed during welding: The lightweight DINSE hand welding solutions make it possible and remove pollutants directly where they are generated.

Fume Extraction Torches

Advantages of DINSE Manual Welding

Dual-circuit liquid cooling - The cooling medium flows through the entire length of the welding gun in annular channels. It thus cools the contact tip and gas nozzle particularly efficiently. The result: significantly longer service life and maximum productivity for longer welding with up to 550 amperes.
Efficient gas routing - The end to gas losses: All DINSE torch sets include a separate shielding gas guide with recessed contact tip - for optimum gas coverage.
Effective gas cooling - The gas flows in cascade through annularly arranged longitudinal channels over numerous transverse ribs to the contact tip. This intelligent design enables excellent cooling and maximum duty cycle for welding operations with up to 350 amperes.
Modular design - DINSE welding torch components can be flexibly combined. This means that you always receive torches that are optimally matched to the respective welding task.

DINSE Manual Welding

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