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Universal Robots only trusted partner for URCap development in the UK.
URCaps are plug-in software packages for Universal Robots, with the ability to seamlessly integrate powerful functionality, and present application specific language and options on the robot’s teach pendant, making programming even simpler 
A URCap can be developed to do just about anything, to simplify applications across any sector, by wrapping the complexities of programming into a simple graphical interface.

URCaps provide benefits in applications big or small, from simplifying the control of end-of-arm tooling, providing easy control of an external axis, to consolidating complex applications into a graphically configured user interface. If you have equipment to integrate, or a complex application, a URCap could well provide the answer.
Olympus Technologies Ltd are the only URCap developers certified by Universal Robots across the United Kingdom, and are one of just a handful worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor the URCaps we develop to perfectly meet the needs of customers.

If you’re a manufacturer looking to integrate your equipment with a UR, or a customer looking to simplify your programming requirements, Olympus Technologies will provide the software you need.
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Benefits of a URCap

Simplified programming - bundle complex operations into simplified and easily configured program nodes.
Faster deployment - save programming time with the flexibility a URCap can offer.
Reduced complexity - Simplify the programming process to make upskilling programmers and operators faster and easier.
Increased reliability - taking away the need for long programs results in a reduced likelihood of errors.
Better user experience - The power of custom software results in a smoother user experience.
Can be licensed to control distribution – various models available.

Our URCap Experience

Olympus Technologies has developed and tested URCaps for a wide variety of products, from laser markers to end-of-am tooling, to applications such as palletising, welding, drilling and machine tending. 

Having worked with and developed software for Universal Robots since 2012, we have deep and extensive knowledge on the tools available for software development, and as Beta testers for Universal Robots, we are the first to learn about new features and updates that can benefit you.

We test thoroughly to ensure error free software, and provide all necessary documentation to provide ease of use of your new software.

Once completed, we will oversee the route to UR+ certification to widen sales avenues and product awareness.

Full Support by Olympus in the UK

The Olympus team supports all our solutions from our base in West Yorkshire.
With a team of 15 engineers and technicians, someone is always available to help you over the phone, and by only using high quality equipment and components, 95% of our support is provided this way.

We have customers across the UK and Ireland, and we are more than happy to visit customers’ sites to support you adding new product variants, training new staff, or diagnosing programming faults.

URCap Development Enquiry

For more information regarding URCap Development please get in contact with the team.
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Email: [email protected]
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