DINSE is one of the world's leading manufacturers of individual welding solutions in the manual, automation and robotics sectors.
Olympus Technologies was formed in 1987 as the DINSE welding Agent for the UK and Ireland.
Whilst diversifying into robotics and automation, Olympus remains the DINSE Agent for the UK and Ireland, and with DINSE’s support we offer market leading robotic welding solutions, as well as continuing to supply Dinse torches, plugs and sockets, wire feeders and consumables to our customers.
The high quality of Dinse’s products goes hand in hand with the quality Olympus builds into its solutions.

The powerful DINSE welding systems enable comfortable precision work at up to 550 amperes. Whether liquid- or gas-cooled: Thanks to high duty cycles and reliable component accessibility, the systems prove themselves even in the most complex working environments. 

Manual Welding

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Robots love DINSE welding systems. Offering speed, efficiency and precision, DINSE welding systems for MIG/MAG and TIG perform welding processes with consistently high quality with significantly longer service life.

Robotic Welding

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In welding operations, every move has to be right. This is where the original - the DINSE coupling - proves its worth. Plug together, tighten with a twist and the connection is perfect. Simple, safe and exceptionally resilient for constant and efficient current transitions.

Plugs & Sockets

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Fast and precise wire feeding systems for laser welding applications. Laser welding offers the decisive advantage when it comes to achieving outstandingly high welding speeds. With a view to tightly scheduled production and delivery times, efficiency and speed are the superior factors when it comes to choosing the manufacturing technology. 

Laser Wire Feeder

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