Automated Welding using the Universal Robot

universal robot welding

The Universal Robot Welding Cell

Olympus Technologies Ltd. has developed a unique Universal Robot Welding application that can be deployed easily and flexibly in existing manual welding booths, eliminating the need for costly new robotic cells. The application is capable of providing an economical and high quality robotic welding solution, perfect for simple and repetitive welding processes.

With over 30 years of welding, robotics and automation experience, Olympus Technologies’ UR welding system delivers unique benefits:

Affordability: Great value for smaller businesses seeking to invest in robot welding

Easy Programming: Simplest programming interface on the market – quick and smooth transition into production. Full training included

Fully Integrated: Welding characteristics controlled on robot, changes can be made mid-process

Compelling Cost Benefit Case: Customers typically see 4x productivity increases 

Consistent Quality: Every part is welded to the same quality, providing the source parts are consistent

Your Solution to Welder Recruitment: Existing trained welders are released onto more complex tasks – the job of running the robot’s production can be handled by an operator


You can download the brochure here or view it using our online viewer below:

SMB Pressings Industry Case Study

Olympus UR Welding System

Package Includes:

Universal Robot 6-axis robot, either

UR5 (850mm reach from base without torch) or

UR10 (1300mm reach from base without torch)

300 Amp MIG welding power source

Dinse Robot Torch + Starter pack of consumables

Robot stand

UR Arm Protective Welding Cover

Process Control Box

Hose Management Package


1 Day’s Installation and Commissioning

2 Days’ UR Training

Universal Robot UR CAP software Demonstration

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