Promotion on DINSE Plugs & Sockets

Exciting News! We have a fantastic promotion* running across all DINSE plugs & sockets!

  • Order 10 or more and receive 30% discount
  • Order 50 or more and receive 45% discount

In order to thank our loyal customers for their support we will be offering the promotion to both new and existing customer.

The DINSE ORIGINAL connector is a worldwide known brand name that stands for the highest quality precision, performance and cost-effectiveness: the strengths that set DINSE products apart from other lower quality, cheap alternatives on the market.

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Customer Testimonial:
Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited is an internationally leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of stud welding equipment from fully automated machines through to welding studs. To enable us to provide premium, long-lasting and reliable stud welding equipment we only use the highest quality plugs and sockets from DINSE in all our machines. One of the major benefits for ourselves is the high current carrying capacity, which guarantees no loss of current from the connected welding cables.

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*promotion running until Tuesday 31st August 2021.