About OnRobot

Olympus Technologies partners with OnRobot, an end of arm tooling specialist situated in the robotic cluster capital of Odense, Denmark. They offer innovative Plug & Produce End-of-Arm Effectors that help manufacturers take full advantage of the benefits of collaborative robots: ease of use, cost-effectiveness and safe use alongside human workers.

Grippers and Sensors from OnRobot

All the available grippers and sensors are quick and easy to use. Simply plug the gripper / sensor into the robot, install the provided software package and you are ready to go. Programming is easier than ever with the easy to use graphic interface.

If you would like to see the grippers and sensors in action why not view them on the YouTube channel Here.

To View the OnRobot Product Brochure Click Here.

Robot Compatibility with OnRobot

The products are compatible with a wide range of major robot brands. With the Quick Changer now built right in, it works with more cobots and light industrial robots than ever before.

Easy Programming

It’s easier than ever for you to program on a wide variety of robots and you have multiple options – URCap for Universal Robots, and a choice between Fieldbus protocols and the new WebLogic for Digital I/O for other robot brands.

Your Robot

Check out the robot manufacturers below for more details about which kit you need to integrate the solutions.. If you don’t see your robot on the list, that doesn’t mean that the end-of-arm tools won’t work – just get in touch to discuss your options. With the Digital I/O, the products will work on virtually any robot.

Pick and Place

Whether your pick and place application requires sensitivity akin to human fingertips, the efficiency of dual grippers, the flexibility to grab objects of differing sizes, or shouldn’t leave a mark, there is a gripper for you.

Machine Tending

Machine tending can be a dull and dangerous job that requires a high level of consistency – even after many hours of work. Automating your machine tending job increases safety for your workers and frees them up for higher level tasks.


Many assembly operations require the robot to locate items and grip them precisely, often handling small parts of various shapes and sizes. The range of grippers and sensors help you increase production speed and quality while lowering your costs. With easy redeployment, the collaborative applications are a real benefit for small and medium sized businesses with a high mix/low volume production.



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