Industrial Robots


Olympus Technologies will design your Kuka robot system to your requirements. Along with your robot we can supply manual and automatic turntables and external axis manipulators to provide two or more working stations. All additional axes can be completely integrated with the main robot control, enabling complete synchronisation. Learn more…

Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots

Universal Robots are available in 3 different sizes, the UR3 (3kg payload), UR5 (5kg payload) and the UR10 (10kg payload). The robots are light enough to move around your factory, allowing you to consider automating several lower volume processes in the same investment Learn more…

End Effectors


OnRobot have created a set of fully integrated electric/pneumatic grippers and a force torque sensor range for industrial and collaborative robots, i.e. KUKA and Universal Robots. The RG2 is an electrical robot gripper that can handle a variety of different object sizes. The gripping forces as well as the gripping width can be changed inside robot programs. Learn more…

Custom OnRobot Gripper Fingers

Olympus Technologies has the capability to design and manufacture bespoke OnRobot gripper fingers, specifically configured for each individual task to work with the OnRobot gripper range. Modern manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing allows the rapid manufacture and prototyping of bespoke gripper fingers.

Vision System


SensoPart concentrates on the development, production and marketing of optoelectronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation. Learn more…


Olympus Technologies is the UK and Ireland distributor for Dinse welding products

Dinse offers a complete range of welding products from manual welding to products for robotic and automated welding. All their welding systems stand out due to their extreme precision, long service life and safety. Olympus has partnered with Dinse for over 30 years and we are happy to work with our customers to find a cost-effective solution for any welding application. Learn more…