Case Study

Schiedel Chimney Systems

Universal Robot with Linear Track Machine Tending Solution
Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd. is the leading flue and chimney manufacturer in the UK and ROI, providing its customer with the highest-quality chimney systems for over 75 years.
Schiedel provide innovative and tailor-made solutions for customers that are future-proof and energy efficient, especially with increasing gas bills
The Challenge

Schiedel Chimney Systems approached Olympus Technologies to discuss the potential automation of a multi-stage machine tending application. They wished to make an arduous manual process more ergonomic for the operator by automating the repetitive manual handling aspect of the job.

The Solution

We initially believed we would need to use 2 robots but after developing a partnership with Bosch Rexroth we were able to develop a linear track solution that would far exceed the ergonomic requirements and increase productivity. Considerations were made to allow for the growth of the cell and future-proofing for future developments and product lines.

A key aspect of the design was the ability to be able to operate the cell manually as well as robotically when required. In order to achieve this a more advanced safety system was designed using a Pilz safety PLC to manage both the existing and new machinery.

External sensory equipment was utilised throughout the process to provide the robot with feedback raising the intelligence of the system. This increased the efficiency of the cell allowing the robot to intuitively react to the required process, instead of working through a single thread step by step program.

The Benefits

The project has delivered key benefits to Schiedel Chimney Systems, including an 11% increase in productivity, with the system now running at 72% efficiency producing an extra 30 products per hour. This has allowed Schiedel Chimney Systems to increase productivity and has increased planning capabilities.

It’s a very labour-intensive role and the installed solution from Olympus Technologies has taken out the human element and the fatigue factor and has increased productivity. There is no human error, the robot doesn’t get tired and the performance is constantly at 100% rate where a human’s performance would deteriorated over time. The line was originally running at 61% efficient, it’s now up to 72% efficient which we expect will continue to grow. The increase in productivity means instead of producing 62 pieces an hour we are now producing 92 pieces an hour, meaning better value per clocked hour and better planning capabilities.
Scott Roberts, Operations Manager, Schiedel Chimney Systems

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